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Lyrical, Percussive, melodic, and progressively layered. "Bloom Late" crosses several genres and encompasses many moods and textures. From country balladry to power pop The Steve Oakley Band paints a vivid sonic landscape of everyday life with lyrics that are both eloquent and plain spoken. Bloom Late is a testament to patience, perseverance and maturity.  It is what happens when you never stop doing what you love while allowing yourself to evolve and challenging yourself to be the best that you can be.


" S.O.B. launches at Philly's Electric Factory"

Together for little more than a year, the Steve Oakley Band is already making noise outside of their native New Jersey — a recent Philadelphia gig saw the foursome welcomed as passionate ‘90s-style alt-rockers who wouldn’t have been out of place in the heyday of Vertical Horizon, Matchbox Twenty and Live. The Garden State quartet’s singles vary, from the Tom Petty-ish honky-tonk of “I’m Not There” to the classic rock ballad “Kill the Light.” But it’s “Better Days” that’s the real gem of the group’s current repertoire; this diamond in the rough could be spit shined just enough to kick off an alt-rock revival. Despite the obvious comparisons, the Steve Oakley Band is no nostalgia act; they’re a band warming up in its infancy, already fun to watch, strangely recognizable, and full of promise.

                                                                                                                          Kevin Boyce - Music critic